Golden Retriever Club

11th March 2001.

The GRC are pleased to announce the launch of it's new website. Please visit us.

History of the Club

The origins of the GRC date back to 1911 when, under the leadership of Mrs Charlesworth, a committee of four or five stalwarts formed a club for Yellow Retriever owners. In 1913 this fledgling club was recognised by the Kennel Club and became known as the Golden Retriever Club. The membership and activities of the GRC were severely hampered by the First World War but by 1927 the membership had grown to 106. In the 1930's members shows became an annual event, and the first 2 day All-aged Stake was held in 1934. Once again a World War (1939-1945) restricted the GRC's activities. However, in 1946 when the GRC was the only Golden Retriever breed club and with a membership of 309, the first Championship Show was held at Slough; Trials recommenced 1947.

From those early days of 1911 the GRC has now grown into a Club with approaching 3,000 members of which nearly 1,000 live overseas in 29 different countries. The Club annually holds one Championship Show, one Open Show, Working Tests, Field Trials, a Show Gundog Working Certificate (SGWC) training day, a SGWC qualifier and seminars. All members and associate members receive the Club's Year Book in the spring and the magazine in the Autumn.

Area Covered

All of the United Kingdom.

Joining Information

Annual membership is 9.00 single, and 10.00 joint.

Persons from overseas may apply for Associate membership (10.00 single, 11.00 joint membership). Application forms available from the Secretary.