History and Purpose of the Breed Council

By 1980 there were 11 breed clubs in existence throughout the UK. To effect some co-ordination within the breed with regard to the appointment of judges, event dates and other important matters, the Golden Retriever Club invited the ten other clubs to a meeting. Most clubs sent representatives and it was agreed to hold further meetings. The organisation was known as the Golden Retriever Breed Conference and meetings continued until 1991.

In 1992 the Kennel Club informed the participating clubs that the holding of a Clubs' Conference was in contravention of their rules, and could not continue. If the clubs wished to continue meeting as a group they would have to form a Breed Council.

Following this Kennel Club directive, Mr. Keith Young (Pyngold) consulted all the breed clubs about the formation of a breed council and an inaugural meeting was held in November 1992, to discuss rules and working practices. The Kennel Club gave approval for the Golden Retriever Breed Council to be added to their register in 1993 with Mr Keith Young as the first Secretary, Mrs. Meriel Hathaway as the first Chairman and eight member clubs.

Meetings of the Council are held twice yearly, with each Club sending two representatives. The number of participating clubs slowly increased, until 2000 when all Clubs are represented.