Buying a Puppy

Congratulations, you have done your homework, and decided a Golden Retriever is for you. You have accepted that they are a large dog, that needs plenty of company and exercise and moults regularly. Now all you need to do is decide on whether to have a dog or a bitch and find a litter of puppies.

It is preferable to buy from a specialist dog breeder, not a pet shop, dealer, commercial breeder or puppy farmer. Plan in advance, be prepared to wait, you may well have to put your name down on a list long before they are born to get exactly what you want. Don't impulse buy and always see the mother with the puppies. Some breeders will have the father of the puppies as well, although this is not always the case.

Most breeders will only breed after very carefully choosing the right dog for their bitch, being mindful of temperament, and after the necessary hereditary checks have been carried out under the KC/BVA schemes currently in place. They will provide you with a Kennel Club registration, pedigree, diet sheets, advice and on going help once the puppy has left the breeder.

Contact your local Breed Club's Puppy list co-ordinator (listed on this site) who will give you details of their members who currently have puppies available. Or you can speak to people who own a golden about their characteristics, and ask where they bought their dog from.

If possible speak to the breeder and possibly visit before the puppies are born, this way you can see the mother's personality, size and demeanour beforehand. Once the puppies are born, breeders will not normally let you see the puppies until they are 2/3 weeks old, in order to avoid possible infection.

Ask as many questions as you can, especially if you have not had a dog before. Be prepared for the breeder to ask questions of you, they will want to know all about your family and lifestyle. Please appreciate whilst you are trying to ensure the puppy is good enough for you, the breeder wants to make sure you are good enough for their puppy!

Puppies normally leave the breeder at 7-8 weeks of age.