Exhibiting Golden Retrievers

Dog showing started in the second half of the 19th century, when groups of men gathered in coffee houses and compared the merits of their various dogs. The fascination for this sport has continued unabated since then, and it is one of the most popular of pastimes for dog lovers. If you are interested, a good starting point is to join a Ringcraft Class, organised by a local Canine Society in your area. They will not only teach you how best to show your dog, but will also have details and schedules of all the local shows coming up. These classes become extremely sociable affairs.

Alternatively details are published in two weekly journals, Dog World and Our Dogs, both can be purchased from your newsagent (you may find you have to ask for a special order). These publications give details of all the forthcoming shows and you can apply for a schedule to be posted to you. With the exception of Companion shows, all shows have to be pre-booked.

There are 4 different types of shows licensed by the Kennel :-

  1. Championship
    The highest level of show, and open to all exhibitors. The one exception to this is Crufts, entry to which requires a qualifying win in certain classes at another Championship Show during the preceding year.
  2. Open
    Open to all exhibitors.
  3. Limited
    Limited to the organising show Society's Members or residents within an area.
  4. Companion
    For registered and unregistered dogs, provided the dog has not won a CC, an award that counts towards the Champion title; a Reserve CC or a Junior Warrant.

Most Societies offer breed classes for Goldens due to their popularity. Classes available differ depending on the size of the show and the qualification of the Judge. The class you enter may be determined by the age of the dog or the class wins you have achieved.